Sherman Grinberg Film Library Collaborative Project


The Sherman Grinberg Film Library is the world’s oldest and largest privately held film archive with over 40 moving image libraries. The Film Library has more than 20 million feet of classic 35mm B&W film with content dating mostly from 1895 to 1957, just before the television era began. The archive includes the historic Paramount Newsreels, first called Eyes of the World (silent era) and later Eyes and Ears of the World (the “talkies”). It also includes the entire American Pathé newsreel library, which is America’s oldest collection (1895-1956), the Industry on Parade series, Allied Artist Scenic stock footage, and over 3,500 mid-century television and movie theater commercials.


The Film Library's archive includes thoroughly indexed footage in the classic genres: Entertainment and Celebrities including the Oscars; Sports including the Olympics, college, and professional games; World Leaders and Politics; the Great Wars (WWI, WW2 and more); Science and Technology; Natural Disasters and Civil Unrest; Fashion, Culture, Crime, and Everyday Life.

The South Carolina State Library has partnered with the Sherman Grinberg Film Library to provide access to digitized film reels with historical South Carolina related content. Educators, researchers, and the public are invited to use this content.


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