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  • Advisory Opinion 1992-069 

    South Carolina State Ethics Commission (1992-03-25)
    A person required to file a Statement of Economic Interests must disclose, among other things: (1) income received directly from a governmental entity, (2) real estate interests where public improvements of $200 or more ...
  • Advisory Opinion 1992-068 

    South Carolina State Ethics Commission (1992-06-09)
    A City Council member who works for a business which sells treated water to the city would not be prohibited from voting on the city budget which includes provision for passing on the water rate increase to customers.
  • Advisory Opinion 1992-067 

    South Carolina State Ethics Commission (1992-02-26)
    The SC Troopers Association may pay expenses incurred by the Highway Patrol Commander to attend a National Troopers Association conference.
  • Advisory Opinion 1992-066 

    South Carolina State Ethics Commission (1992-02-26)
    A Highway Department Engineering Technician would be prohibited from preparing engineering drawings for encroachment permit applications on his own time for developers and contractors since he is responsible for inspecting ...
  • Advisory Opinion 1992-065 

    South Carolina State Ethics Commission (1992-02-26)
    Members of a District Historical and Recreation Commission who are appointed by the Governor upon recommendation of the legislative delegation are not required to file a Statement of Economic Interests.

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