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The Sherman Grinberg Film Library has provided access to film reels located in or that are about South Carolina.


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    [U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower receives an honorary degree at the Citadel in South Carolina in 1955]
    (1955-04-12) Sherman Grinberg Film Library
    Title card: "Ike Gets Degree from War Comrade" superimposed over US President Dwight Eisenhower standing with his hat over his heart alongside General Mark Clark as they salute cadets marching at the Citadel, where Eisenhower has received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree / Clark and Eisenhower approach camera with a Citadel officer as they review Citadel cadets, who wear dress uniforms as they stand at attention; Eisenhower dons a fedora as he walks / side LS cadets stand at attention / Eisenhower shakes hands with longtime SC politician James F. Byrnes, present at the event; both smile as Byrnes's wife Maude smiles behind Eisenhower and Clark stands at right / side MS cadets stand at attention / MS Clark drapes hood over Eisenhower's shoulder as symbol of the honorary Doctor of Laws degree; both stand at bank of microphones and color guard stands in background, with spectators in bleachers at rear left; the two shake hands / montage cadets march toward camera / WS Clark and Eisenhower salute cadets, and Eisenhower, wearing the doctoral hood, removes his fedora and holds it over his heart / montage cadets march
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    [U.S. Navy destroyers drop depth charges in exercise at sea near Charleston, S.C., on Navy Day]
    (1929-10-26) Sherman Grinberg Film Library
    Title card: "Blast sea for Navy day show, Charleston, S C - Fast destroyers drop depth bombs in stirring maneuvers" / various shots from ship of US Navy destroyers sailing along / shot from ship of two destroyers sailing in line behind it / shot on board destroyer of two sailors dropping depth from stern of ship and depth charge exploding in water / shot from stern of ship
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    [The King and Queen of the Southern Cotton Festival of Anderson, S.C.]
    (1931-04-14) Sherman Grinberg Film Library
    The king and queen of the Southern Cotton Festival, wearing elaborate robes, stand with their 'court' / Title card: "Fashions in Cotton" / VS women stand on the steps of a columned building; they're seen from above walking down stairs and they pose again, wearing outfits made of cotton fabric - dresses, skirts, gown, pantsuits
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    [Southern Cotton Festival parade in Anderson, S.C.]
    (1931-04-14) Sherman Grinberg Film Library
    Title card: "Cotton is king in Dixie Carnival, Anderson, SC - Parade of floats features southeastern festival in which six states participate" / marching band and color guard march along street in the business district / SC Gov. Ibra Blackwood, wearing white suit, sits with other spectators / A float "Pendleton" with a king and crown followed by horsemen / Another float with a women seated under a 'parasol' / "Miss Greenville" rides past on a float
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    [South Carolina delegate chairman speaks from the floor of the 1952 Democratic National Convention]
    (1952-07-23) Sherman Grinberg Film Library
    WS podium and floor of the 1952 Democratic National Convention in the International Amphitheatre, with signs for different delegations including Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, New Jersey, Connecticut, Indiana and Massachusetts / CU press crowded around South Carolina delegate chairman standing between South Carolina and Oregon signs; SOT he talks about every political party is entitled to have its list of electors placed on the ballot in an election; Pan over to podium as cheers sound / Note: documentation incomplete.