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The University of South Carolina published 3 series of publications from 1945-1960 on social sciences, physical sciences, and biology. Series 3 includes a multi-part ecological study of the fauna and flora of the Savannah River Plant Area.


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    A historic resources survey of the Gadsden-Lancaster Streets Corridor Chester, South Carolina : final report
    (South Carolina State Library, 2001-05) University of South Carolina. Public History Program; Berni, Ginger; United States. National Park Service; South Carolina. Department of Archives and History; Collars, Bryan; Eichler, Katie; Hess, Melissa; Lee, Amanda; Overton, Wynne
    The objective of the project was to compile a comprehensive inventory of historic properties in the Gadsden-Lancaster Streets area. This report includes a narrative history of the survey area, an evaluation of the properties recorded during the survey, and an inventory of recorded sites. The project will benefit the City of Chester by increasing public awareness of historic preservation and by encouraging the restoration and reuse of structures within the survey area.
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    State of local government fiscal conditions in South Carolina
    (South Carolina State Library, 2011-07) University of South Carolina Institute for Public Service and Policy Research
    Local governments across the nation for the past few years have struggled in the face of declining revenues and increased expenses. While the Great Recession was officially deemed over in June 2009, many city and county budgets are still feeling the impact of the economic downturn that began in December 2007 (National Bureau of Economic Research [NBER], n.d.). To study the effect of the recession on South Carolina local governments, the University of South Carolina’s Institute for Public Service and Policy Research (IPSPR) first conducted a survey in 2010 of counties and municipalities in the state to determine the true impact on revenues and the fiscal strategies local governments have used to reduce expenditures. IPSPR conducted a follow-up study in 2011. The key findings of both surveys are summarized in this report. Given the difference in the scales for the responding municipalities and counties, most of the data in this report are illustrated on separate charts.
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    Paleoseismological studies in the Charleston, South Carolina Region
    (South Carolina State Library, 2008-10-29) Talwani, Pradeep; University of South Carolina. Department of Geological Sciences
    The project was aimed at digging long, shallow trenches across anticipated near surface manifestations of earthquake prone faults in the Charleston region with the anticipation of studying them. Before the trench locations are decided, geophysical surveys were carried out to determine the optimum locations for digging. In the Colonial Fort Dorchester State Park in Summerville, S.C. a shallow trench was dug across a line joining the crack which displaced the north and south walls of a historic fort. In this trench a prehistoric seismically induced sand blow was discovered attesting to the occurrence of prehistoric earthquakes on this fault. In Magnolia Plantation, a family tomb was cracked during the 1886 Charleston earthquake. The crack on opposite side of the tomb walls suggested that the associated Ashley River fault trended NW-SE. This fault was detected on two suitable located resistivity profiles, suggesting that ARF is oriented N55°W-S55°E along the Ashley River between Magnolia Plantation and Middleton Place. The exercise also revealed that it may be possible to detect the location of seismogenic faults by shallow geophysical techniques.
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    South Carolina Education Improvement Act of 1984
    (South Carolina State Library, 1985-02) University of South Carolina. School Council Assistance Project
    The Education Improvement Act of 1984 is a comprehensive package of educational reform designed to provide an opportunity for and a challenge to our children and youth to reach for excellence. It represents a milestone in our history and is the result of the concerted commitment of legislators, educators, parents, and citizens. More importantly, it is a statement of faith in the future of our children.
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    University of South Carolina publications. Series 3. Biology. V.3 No.1
    (South Carolina State Library, 1960-03) University of South Carolina, Department of Biology
    This publication is volume 3, issue 1 of the University of South Carolina Publications. Series III. Biology. on taxonomic studies of the flora and fauna of South Carolina.