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The Chicora Foundation has created educational materials for classes in social studies, South Carolina history, and archaeology.


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    Indians, slaves, and freedmen in the Pee Dee Region of South Carolina : curricula materials for teachers
    (1993-02) Hacker, Debi; Trinkley, Michael; Chicora Foundation
    The goal of this publication is to help teachers better present the unique and diverse history of the Pee Dee region to their students. We have incorporated three basic "themes" of Pee Dee history - - Native American, African American Slave and Plantation Life, and Postbellum Tenancy. In each we have tried to not only provide teachers.with the background to integrate Pee Dee regional material into their classroom studies of South Carolina history, but also to begin implementing a integrated curricula which incorporates math and science.
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    The economic and social history of tobacco production in South Carolina
    (1992-12) Trinkley, Michael; Hacker, Debi; Chicora Foundation
    The goal of this publication is to help teachers and students participate in a unique program integrating South Carolina's cultural heritage, the history of South Carolina's Pee Dee region, and the history of tobacco. It also incorporates a broad array of other learning areas, including math and science. This booklet is organized to allow teachers to quickly identify the information essential for curriculum development--maximizing the educational potential of the program. Included is information on the goals and objectives of this program, additional background information to provide teachers with the cultural heritage and history content necessary to teach the lessons, three individual teacher lesson plans, student worksheets, and extension activities.
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    Native American life at A.D. 1650 : curricula materials for teachers.
    (1996-09) Chicora Foundation
    The goal of this compilation is to help teachers develop historically accurate teaching materials relating to Native Americana around A.D. 1650. In particular ... what life might have been like in a small camp on the South Carolina coast, shortly before contact with the English.
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    Integrated history and ecology curricula for Tea Farm Park, Charleston County, South Carolina
    (1993-02) Trinkley, Michael; Hacker, Debi; Chicora Foundation
    Background information, lesson plans, questions, and activity sheets designed to be used in conjunction with South Carolina students' visits to the Tea Farm Park in Charleston County, S.C.
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    Curricula materials for the first South Carolinians : the life and times of native peoples in the Palmetto State
    (2000) Chicora Foundation; South Carolina State Museum
    This exhibit helps you and your students understand Native American life in South Carolina between at least 10,000 years ago and the early 1800s. It explains how these early South Carolinians hunted and collected food and how they lived and the tools they made. It examines the changes that took place over time and explores what happened to this people with the coming of Europeans during the 16th and 17th centuries.