The Proceedings of the South Carolina Historical Association

South Carolina Historical Association
South Carolina Historical Association
Annually, the association publishes a journal, The Proceedings, which consists of papers presented at the annual meeting. A Study of the Role of Serfdom and Absolutism in the Causes of Eastern European Backwardness by Joyce Ann Wood – Anderson College Slaves or Labourers: Revisiting the 1852 Debate between Sir Arthur Helps and A Carolinian (Edward J. Pringle) by Stephen Keck – College of Charleston Pale Devils and Dark Angels: Gender, Cultural Instruction and Native American Women of the Colonial Southeast by Michael Morris – University of South Carolina (Aiken) Demonstrating Historical Versatility: David Duncan Wallace and the Graniteville Centennial Pageant by W. Calvin Smith – University of South Carolina (Aiken) Putting the Lowcountry on the World Wide Web by Donald Beagle – Charleston County Library For the Love of Books: Richard T. Greener’s Brief Career as the University of South Carolina’s First African-American University Librarian by Dale Harter – University of South Carolina (Columbia) Giving a Sense of Achievement: “Changing Gender and Racial Roles in Wartime Charleston: 1942-1945 by Fritz Hamer – South Carolina State Museum “Sisters of the South”: Louisa and Mary Poppenheim and the Formation of the Southern White Charleston by Joan Marie Johnson, Ph.D. candidate – University of California (Los Angeles) White Christmas in April: New Reflections on an Old War by J. Edward Lee and H. C. Haynsworth – Winthrop University The Boom and Bust of American Silk Culture by Allan D. Charles – University of South Carolina (Union)
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Proceedings of the South Carolina Historical Association
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