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  • Charter school facilities approval process 

    South Carolina State Department of Education, Office of School Facilities (South Carolina State Library, 2011-03-18)
    This Powerpoint presentation lists requirements for buildings and facilities used for charter schools.
  • Honoring the charter school contract : guidance for South Carolina school districts 

    South Carolina State Department of Education. Office of Public School Choice (South Carolina State Library, 2009-05)
    The focus of this SCDE guidelines document is two-fold: to provide an explanatory listing of what each district must do regarding charter schools during the application and authorization process and to address some of the ...
  • Medicaid & charter schools 

    Chambers, Virgie; Hartwell, Julie Anna; South Carolina State Department of Education (South Carolina State Library, 2011-04-18)
    The objectives of this Powerpoint presentation are to: explain why Medicaid reimburses school-based services and what services are reimbursable ; describe the current Medicaid school-based delivery system ; highlight issues ...
  • South Carolina charter schools : five-year evaluation report 

    South Carolina State Department of Education; Weaver B. Rogers, Ph.D. and Associates (South Carolina State Library, 2002-07-01)
    This report reviews a variety of data and other indicators which shed light on how the charter school program has been implemented and to what degree it has been effective. In addition, this report includes observations ...
  • When charter schools close : lessons learned in South Carolina 

    South Carolina State Department of Education (South Carolina State Library, 2011-09-17)
    After a brief overview of the statistical trends in the charter school closures, this essay focuses -in the section titled "Organizational Lessons for Charter Developers" - on the lessons that can be learned from the ...