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    • Library 

      Green, Edwin L. (Edwin Luther), 1870-1948; Snowden, Yates, 1858-1933 (South Carolina State Library, 1906-10)
      This document contains a correspondence of Edwin L. Green and Yates Snowden, which discussed the library of the University of South Carolina. It includes various librarians in the eighteen century, their photographs, and ...
    • War records 

      University of South Carolina (South Carolina State Library, 1908-01)
    • Our schools 

      Hand, William H. (South Carolina State Library, 1909-01)
      This document reports overall structure of the schools in South Carolina. Author, William H. Hand, discussed the following issues related with South Carolina schools: lack of funds, beggarly salaries for teacher, incomplete ...
    • Some educational and legislative needs of South Carolina mill villages 

      University of South Carolina; Parker, Thomas (South Carolina State Library, 1911-01-18)
      This is the substance of an address regarding the educational and legislative needs of South Carolina mill villages, delivered by Thomas F. Parker, president of Monaghan Mills in Greenville, South Carolina.
    • College education for men of business: a familiar essay 

      Broadus, John (South Carolina State Library, 1913-01)
      The author argues that a college education is necessary for young men who are planning a career in business. He places emphasis on higher education and addresses objections to college attendance.
    • Public libraries: a need in South Carolina. A city-county system and a state commission suggested 

      Kennedy, Robert MacMillan (South Carolina State Library, 1914)
      USC Librarian Robert M. Kennedy presented this paper about the need for public libraries before the Kershaw County teachers' institute, January 17, and before the Kosmos club, Columbia, January 24, 1914.
    • Country school movements and ideals in South Carolina 

      Tate, William K. (South Carolina State Library, 1914-01)
      The bulletin is a report of the State Supervisor of Elementary Rural Schools. It includes field work, rural school progress, and recommendations.
    • The school library 

      Wardlaw, Patterson (South Carolina State Library, 1915-04)
      The bulletin counsels South Carolina schools to create school libraries. It advises about what books to buy, how the library should be used, and how to get libraries in rural schools.
    • Henry Timrod: man and poet, a critical study by George Armstrong Wauchope 

      Wauchope, George (South Carolina State Library, 1915-04)
      The monograph is the outgrowth of an address given at Columbia College in 1898 and then published in The North Carolina Review, May, 1812. It studies Henry Timrod’s life and poetry.
    • Three notable ante-bellum magazines of South Carolina 

      Cohen, Sidney (South Carolina State Library, 1915-07)
      The bulletin addresses the problems relating to transportation of school children. The information and material is intended for school administrators and trustees.
    • The case for cotton: a paper read before the Kosmos Club and published by request 

      McCutchen, George (South Carolina State Library, 1915-10)
      The bulletin argues against diversification of lower yielding crops for cotton. The argument is primary economic.
    • Decrease of birds in South Carolina 

      Williams, Belle (South Carolina State Library, 1916-08)
      This document discusses reasons for decreasing bird populations in South Carolina. The author, Belle Williams, who was Secretary of South Carolina Audubon Society, Chairman of the Bird Protection Sub-Committee, and Department ...
    • Progress in Christian work at the University of South Carolina 

      University of South Carolina (South Carolina State Library, 1917-01)
      The bulletin describes organization of the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) of the University of South Carolina. A record of work for the year 1916-1917 is included.
    • A sketch of the life and character of Jonathan Maxcy, D.D. 

      Hungerpiller, John (South Carolina State Library, 1917-07)
      The bulletin addresses the problems relating to transportation of school children. The information and material is intended for school administrators and trustees.
    • The University and the World War 

      Currell, William (South Carolina State Library, 1917-08)
      The bulletin summarizes the ways the University of South Carolina and its students contributed to the war effort in World War I. It includes a list of University students commissioned as officers.
    • South Carolina botanists: biography and bibliography 

      Gee, Wilson, 1888- (South Carolina State Library, 1918-09)
      The monograph is a systematic arrangement of the biographies and bibliographies of botanists in South Carolina who have contributed to the state’s reputation in botany.
    • Robert Mills architect 

      Wilson, Charles C. (South Carolina State Library, 1919-02)
      This document reports the activities and accomplishments of a notable architect, Robert Mills. It mentions various famous works of Robert Mills including the United States Patent Office, United States Treasury, original ...
    • Contemporary English drama : a program of study for the South Carolina Federation of Women's Clubs 

      Wauchope, George Armstrong, 1862-1943; University of South Carolina Extension Department (South Carolina State Library, 1920-04)
      This program-bulletin has been prepared by Dr. G. A. Wauchope, head of the English Department of the University: of South Carolina, for the use of Women's Literary Clubs and for the guidance of any who would acquaint ...
    • Farm tenure in South Carolina 

      Derrick, Samuel (South Carolina State Library, 1920-08)
      This bulletin addresses the needs and opportunities of the rural field. It is part of research by the Department of Rural Social Science, which addresses the rural problem of farm tenure.
    • Tax reform in South Carolina, with summary of the report of the Joint special committee on revenue and taxation 

      Smith, Reed, 1881-1943 (South Carolina State Library, 1921-08)
      This document contains a correspondence of Reed Smith from a meeting of the board of directors of the South Carolina. It educated people about the importance of taxation that it is beneficial for greater public welfare and ...