The mission of the Board of Examiners in Opticianry is to administer, coordinate, and enforce the provisions of the South Carolina Opticianry Law. The Board examines and licenses opticians in the state and administers examinations appropriate to the education and experience of the candidate to determine if the candidate possesses the qualifications to adequately serve the public as an optician. The Board also registers apprentices, who are individuals obtaining opticianry training under appropriate supervision, rather than by attending a two-year ophthalmic dispensing program. It also investigates complaints and conducts application and disciplinary hearings in accordance with statutes and regulations.

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    South Carolina Board of Examiners in Opticianry (2010-05)
    The South Carolina Board of Examiners in Opticianry publishes a newsletter with agency news, licensing and examination information, and messages from the board.