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    • 2019 annual data report 

      South Carolina State Fire; South Carolina State NFIRS Program (2020-10-21)
      This annual report gives statistics on fire incidents, civilian injuries and deaths, fire service injuries and county information. Included is a list of fire departments throughout the state that have reported incidents ...
    • ARFF training bulletin 

      South Carolina State Fire (2021-09)
      This bulletin gives information about aircraft rescue and firefighting in South Carolina as well as training opportunities and course descriptions.
    • Frequency of reporting firefighter injuries in South Carolina 

      Quizon, Samantha; McCabe, Julie; South Carolina State Fire (2020-07-01)
      A project consisting of two studies was conducted in 2019 to discover if firefighters had not reported an on-the-job injury to appropriate parties and, if so, why did they not report it. The project’s goals included: ...
    • South Carolina firefighter mobilization plan in accordance with the Firefighter Mobilization Act of 2000 

      South Carolina State Fire (2021-05-12)
      This document provides the guidelines to implement and administer the “Firefighter Mobilization Act of 2000.” The Firefighter Mobilization Plan is a state plan to assist emergency services departments in the state with ...
    • South Carolina State Fire orientation : a firefighter's resource guide to the Division of Fire & Life Safety 

      South Carolina State Fire (2021-05-27)
      This guidebooks gives information to new firefighters concerning their training, the various divisions of State Fire, Fire Academy programs and certification psthways.