The South Carolina Budget and Control Board was created in 1950 by Reorganization Plan No.2 in 1950 (Act 621 of 1949) which merged 10 boards and commissions to provide a broad array of services to the public sector and administrative and regulatory functions. The Board is composed of the Governor, the State Treasurer, the Comptroller General, the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, and the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.

The Budget and Control Board includes many offices such as the Office of the Executive Director which administers divisions such as General Services, State Retirement, and the State IT office. It also includes the Office of the State Auditor, which performs financial audits of state agencies, the annual financial audit of the State's General Purpose Financial Statements, and the annual Single Audit of the State's Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Funds.

The South Carolina Budget and Control Board ceased existing July 1, 2015, when many of the functions transferred to the Department of Administration.

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  • Improving customer service through call recording 

    Ellison, Shukura (South Carolina State Library, 2020-02-03)
    In 2013 the Department of Revenue formed the Call Center to assist and educate taxpayers with basic tax questions regarding the big four tax types, Individual Income, Sales and Use, Employer Withholding, and Corporate. ...
  • Impact of product development 

    Druce, Jennifer R. (South Carolina State Library, 2020-02-03)
    After the LocateSC fund was created, Commerce worked to establish competitive initiatives that the fund would be used to support. Requirements were developed and programs were established that provided counties and regional ...
  • FMLA/ADA/Workers Compensation Compliance 

    Hart, Selina N. (South Carolina State Library, 2020)
    This project begins with an analysis of the Department of Administration's Office of Human Resources' policies relating to the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, the Americans with Disabilities Act and Workers Compensation ...
  • Engaging families in school-based mental health services 

    Mitchell-Oliver, Karen (South Carolina State Library, 2020-02-01)
    The South Carolina Department of Mental Health has mental health clinicians in schools, police departments, 911 centers, and hospitals across the Charleston/Dorchester area. This project focuses on improving family engagement ...
  • Duplication of recording accomplishments within the South Carolina Forestry Commission Project Foresters' Reporting System 

    Weeks, Michael (South Carolina State Library, 2020)
    This project takes a look at the six different ways that Project Foresters of the South Carolina Forestry Commission record their data for reports. The research seeks to show how to best streamline the process for less ...
  • Developing our claims employees 

    Stevenson, Nancy D. (South Carolina State Library, 2020-02-05)
    The Insurance Reserve Fund under the State Fiscal Accountability Authority provides property and liability insurance to all State agencies and various local governmental entities, including Counties, Municipalities, School ...
  • Developing a standardized process for customized training requests and contracts 

    Curry, Serphia D. (South Carolina State Library, 2020)
    This project analyzes the reorganization of the Statewide Training team of the Department of Administration to provide training courses to public sector managers, supervisors, human resources professionals and individuals ...
  • Determination of the most accurate resources for developing engineering design fee estimates 

    Necker, Jennifer (South Carolina State Library, 2020-02-11)
    The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) utilizes outside engineering design firms (consultants) when the internal design staff’s existing and projected workload capacity precludes developing a project ...
  • Bridging the gap between compliance officer and complainant 

    Price, Charles R. (South Carolina State Library, 2020-02-03)
    This project explores the process of communication between a compliance officer and complainant through SCOSHA and the Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation. The data looks at formal complaints filed and the rate ...
  • An eye to the future: the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles moves towards implementing portal for vision screening results 

    Phillips, Lauren; South Carolina Certified Public Manager Program (South Carolina State Library, 2020-01-09)
    The focus of this project is the creation of the electronic portal to electronically transmit vision screening results to the SCDMV in order to continue allowing South Carolinians the ability to renew their driver’s license ...
  • An assessment of SCDOT design-build project schedules 

    Gaskins, Chris J.; South Carolina Certified Public Manager Program (South Carolina State Library, 2020-03-30)
    Design-build is an alternative project delivery method in which a single contract is awarded to provide both design and construction services. In this method of project delivery, construction contractors and design engineering ...
  • A case for continuous compliance 

    Jackson, James; South Carolina Certified Public Manager Program (South Carolina State Library, 2020)
    The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges grants accreditation to higher education institutions. The Spartanburg Community College is accredited by the SACSCOC and this project researches the ...
  • Revenue digest September 2020, FY 2020-21 

    South Carolina Board of Economic Advisors (South Carolina State Library, 2020-10-15)
    This gives statistics on South Carolina state revenue.
  • Fiscal Year 2021-22 guidelines for agency budget plans 

    South Carolina Office of State Budget (South Carolina State Library, 2020-07-31)
    The Office of State Budget at the South Carolina Budget and Control Board publishes a document on the budget process including guidelines for submitting agency budget forms and reports which support budgetary decision-making ...
  • Estimating motor fuel demand in South Carolina, the Dunbar-Martin demand model FY2020-21 and FY 2021-22 

    South Carolina Board of Economic Advisors; Dunbar, Jade; Martin, Robert W. (South Carolina State Library, 2020-08-12)
    This report provides a short background of the state excise tax on gasoline and diesel fuel in the state of South Carolina. It provides a concise review of the motor fuel model and the Infrastructure Maintenance Trust ...
  • Rate setting for Department of Technology 

    Creech, Gabriel; South Carolina Certified Public Manager Program (South Carolina State Library, 2019-07-21)
    Offering numerous services is complex and expensive and, as a shared service center, the Department of Technology must set rates and bill for its services. Currently, the Department of Technology sets rates for its services ...
  • SC Department of Motor Vehicles revenue distribution process 

    Wicker, Kristin; South Carolina Certified Public Manager Program (South Carolina State Library, 2019-02-01)
    The DMV revenue accounting department is responsible for entering the deposits from the various areas into the statewide SCEIS accounting system, as well as reconciling on a daily and monthly basis. The reconciliation and ...
  • Restructuring account payables 

    Guffee, Michael; South Carolina Certified Public Manager Program (South Carolina State Library, 2019-01-30)
    This project streamlines invoices at the Department of Transportation. After analyzing the current Accounts Payable (AP) process it was determined the area needed to move to a process where each analysis was assigned to a ...
  • Project Management Office reporting 

    Buru, Karla (South Carolina State Library, 2019-03-11)
    This project aims to improve the quality of data collected and the process of reporting project data done by Project Management Office Project Managers at the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control ...
  • Process and procedures : Consumer Finance Division 

    Wicker, Phyllis; South Carolina Certified Public Manager Program (South Carolina State Library, 2019-02-04)
    The goal of this project is to start the process of reviewing, revising and organizing the Consumer Finance Division's policies and procedures.

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