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This collection of South Carolina industrial data reports offers extensive information on industrial development throughout South Carolina in the late 1960s and early 1970s. South Carolina Industrial Data reports were written by—and for—South Carolina state government entities, primarily the South Carolina State Development Board, as well as development boards and chambers of commerce throughout individual counties in South Carolina.

The reports target audiences of potential industrial developers, the purpose being both to inform developers of the state of industry in South Carolina as well as to promote new industrial development. The reports cover a range of areas in South Carolina: providing information at the state-wide, county, and individual site levels.

South Carolina Industrial Data reports include comprehensive information of primary aspects of industrial development in South Carolina, covering a wide range of topics regarding individual sites as well as the areas that surround them: maps and photographs of available sites, descriptions of climate and topographic features, information about the availability of utilities and fuel, and discussions of the state of labor, economy, and technical training and education in South Carolina.

Many of the reports also feature important data about the communities surrounding the available industrial sites; this data discusses population, information about community resources such as recreation and church availability, and public services such as medical, fire, and police resources. The South Carolina Industrial Data reports also feature detailed maps and photographs of transportation systems, local companies, and community features. Overall, the South Carolina Industrial Data reports offer extensive information on the state of industrial development in South Carolina during the late 1960s and early 1970s. They also provide insight on the ways in which South Carolina industry fit into individual communities and the state as whole.

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