The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources publishes a variety of documents on topics related to the state's natural resources, including management plans, surveys, and regulations.

Recent Submissions

  • Alligator Hunting Season Report 2017 

    Grosse, Andrew; South Carolina Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries Division, Alligator Project (South Carolina State Library, 2017)
    The 2017 Public Alligator Hunting Season marked the tenth general alligator hunting season after a closure of nearly 40 years. A total of 863 of the 1,000 hunters selected (86.3%) in the 2017 season completed the application ...
  • South Carolina alligator hunting guide for 2018 

    South Carolina Wildlife Management Section (South Carolina State Library, 2018)
    This booklet was developed to provide basic information regarding the alligator hunting season and what hunters will need in order to familiarize themselves with taking alligators. It includes common hunting techniques, ...
  • [Coastal Plain water well records] 

    South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (South Carolina State Library, 2012-11-20)
    This spreadsheet shows information about wells in the coastal area of the state. Included are the location, owner, depth, the year it was drilled and other pertinent information.
  • 2000 annual report of the Heritage Land Trust Fund to the General Assembly of South Carolina 

    South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (South Carolina State Library, 2000)
    Each year the South Carolina Heritage Land Trust Fund provides a report to the General Assembly highlighting its activities of the past year.
  • 2013 Envirothon coaches handbook : a natural challenge 

    South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (South Carolina State Library, 2013)
    This is a handbook for the 2013 South Carolina Envirothon. The overall goal of the Envirothon is to promote environmental education so that succeeding generations will be more environmentally literate, and possess the ...
  • Development potential of underutilized trawl fish in the South Atlantic bight 

    Low, R. A.; Ulrich, G. F. (Glenn F.); Blum, F.; Marine Resources Research Institute (S.C.) (South Carolina State Library, 1982-07)
    Underutilized fish resources available to demersal trawling in the South Atlantic Bight include demersal finfishes, pelagic species, and demersal elasmobranchs. Brief descriptions of species and size composition, relative ...
  • Cooper River Focus Area Habitat Protection Project : conserving the natural resources and historic character of the Cooper, Ashley, Wando and Stono River systems 

    Cooper River Focus Area (S.C.) (South Carolina State Library, 1993)
    The CRFA includes the Charleston Metropolitan Area and much of the area is under intensive development pressure. The wildlife habitats, historical sites, archaeological sites and traditional land uses will be lost or ...
  • Comprehensive Spatial Data on Biological Resources and Uses in Southeastern Coastal Waters of the U.S. 

    Boynton, J. B.; Van Dolah, Robert F.; Arendt, M. D.; Reichert, M. J.; Marine Resources Research Institute (S.C.) (South Carolina State Library, 2013)
    This study was part of a broader initiative by the Governors’ South Atlantic Alliance to begin a comprehensive spatial management plan and provide information critical to that effort through a Regional Information Management ...
  • Flow and salinity characteristics of the Santee River Estuary, South Carolina 

    Hockensmith, Brenda L. (Brenda Louise) (South Carolina State Library, 2004)
    The focus of this study is the characterization of the relationships among specific conductance of water in the Santee River estuary, streamflow, and tide stage and height. Specifically, the purpose is to provide a means ...
  • Evaluation of the impacts of dock structures on South Carolina estuarine environments : final report 

    Sanger, Denise M.; Holland, A. Frederick; Marine Resources Research Institute (S.C.); South Carolina Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (South Carolina State Library, 2002)
    The objective of this study was to evaluate the cumulative effect of docks on tidal creek and salt marsh ecosystems. the study was composed of three parts: a spartina shading study which evaluated the impacts of dock ...
  • The condition of South Carolina's estuarine and coastal habitats during 2009-2010 

    Van Dolah, Robert F.; Sanger, D. M.; Riekerk, G. H. M.; Crowe, S. E.; Levisen, M. V.; Bergquist, D. C.; Chestnut, D. E.; McDermott, W.; Fulton, M. H.; Wirth, E.; South Carolina Marine Resources Division; South Carolina Bureau of Water; Center for Coastal Environmental Health and Biomolecular Research (U.S.) (South Carolina State Library, 2013)
    This technical report is one of a series planned to provide periodic updated information on the condition of South Carolina’s estuarine habitats. The data highlight the value of evaluating tidal creek habitats separately ...
  • South Carolina comprehensive wildlife conservation strategy, 2005-2010 

    Kohlsaat, Thomas; Quattro, Lynn; Rinehart, Jennifer; South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (South Carolina State Library, 2005-09-28)
    The SC DNR has concluded a major planning effort to identify the challenges facing the state's diverse wildlife species and devise strategies to conserve those species and their habitats. The result is this guide to ...
  • Hog hunting seasons for WMAs and heritage preserves 

    South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (South Carolina State Library, 2011)
    This chart for hunting hogs is broken down by game zone, area, county and dates. It is taken from the SCDNR Rules and regulations for 2011-2012.
  • General hydrology of South Carolina 

    Cherry, R. N. (Rodney N.), 1928-; Badr, A. W.; Wachob, Andrew; South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (South Carolina State Library, 2001)
    Illustrated by 10 maps, this paper discusses streams, lakes, aquifers and potential hydrological problems in South Carolina.
  • Geologic hazards of the South Carolina coastal plain 

    South Carolina Geological Survey; South Carolina Emergency Management Division (South Carolina State Library, 2012)
    This map has been designed as a planning tool for use by emergency managers for the response to and recovery from a hazardous geologic event, such as a large magnitude earthquake or a smaller occurrence such as a sinkhole ...
  • A generalized prehistoric sequence for South Carolina 

    South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (South Carolina State Library, 2009)
    This sheet traces pottery and projectile points in South Carolina from prehistoric times to the present. Included are pictures and descriptions of items from the various time periods.
  • The economic impact of South Carolina's natural resources 

    South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Division of Research (South Carolina State Library, 2009)
    This study documents the economic impact of activities associated with South Carolina's natural resources. Above all, the study finds that the economic activities most clearly tied to the state's resource base sustain 30 ...
  • Guide to South Carolina saltwater fishes 

    South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (South Carolina State Library, 2003)
    This identification guide provides a quick reference for marine fish that are most often encountered by South Carolina sport fishermen. To facilitate identification, species are grouped by family so that similar-looking ...
  • Hen mallards, black and mottled ducks 

    South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (South Carolina State Library, 2010)
    This sheet shows characteristics that may be used in identifying the hen mallard, mottled duck and the black duck.
  • Fish anatomy 

    South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (South Carolina State Library, 2012-06)
    This paper shows the anatomy of a fish through four paintings.

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