Patients’ Compensation Fund

Created in 1976, the South Carolina Patients’ Compensation Fund was created for the purpose of paying that portion of a medical malpractice or general liability claim, settlement, or judgment which is in excess of two hundred thousand dollars for each incident or in excess of six hundred thousand dollars in the aggregate year for one year. The fund is liable only for payment of claims against licensed health care providers in compliance with the provisions of the Enabling Statute Title 38, Chapter 79, Article 5 and includes reasonable and necessary expenses incurred in payment of claims and the fund's administrative expense.

The Patients' Compensation Fund is now part of the South Carolina Medical Malpractice Association per House Bill H 3760. This bill consolidates the South Carolina Patients Compensation Fund (PCF) with the South Carolina Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriting Association (JUA). The new organization will be The South Carolina Medical Malpractice Association.


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