Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office

With Act 121 of 2014, the South Carolina Legislature established the Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office governed by the three appointed members of the Board of Economic Advisors. The Board of Economic Advisors, the Office of Research and Statistics, and the Office of State Budget, each previously under the Budget and Control Board, were combined under the 2014 Restructuring Act to form this agency. The Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office is responsible for providing a diverse set of economic data and research and analysis reports for the Governor, General Assembly, state and local government entities, and the private sector.

The South Carolina Geodetic Survey established within the Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office shall establish horizontal and vertical geodetic control within the State at a density that effectively will provide land and land-related items and records to be referenced to the national horizontal and vertical coordinate system, ensure the accuracy and integrity of new geodetic data entered into the state and national reference system, maintain geodetic files for the State, and disseminate geodetic information as necessary. Specifically, the County Boundary Program seeks to assist counties in defining and monumenting the locations of county boundaries and positioning the monuments using geodetic surveys. The Boundary Maps by County can be accessed at the link below.

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