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The South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs publishes documents on minority concerns in the state, including a statistical profile by counties, community resource directory, and results from education surveys.


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    Statistical profile FY 2021-22
    (South Carolina State Library, 2022-12-16) South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs
    This profile contains information on the fiscal year 2021-2022 demographic shifts in the 21st century, economic and employment trends, educational attainment and occupational selection, housing and homeownership, poverty, public assistance, and health insurance coverage, linguistic diversity, ethnic identities, and citizenship in SC's minority communities, and conclusions and suggestions. The purpose is to help ascertain certain areas where South Carolina's minority populations have consistently experienced socio-economic deprivations, particularly in educational attainment and homeownership.
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    Second chance reentry resource guide
    (South Carolina State Library, 2023-01-05) South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs
    This guide was created to provide essential information and resources to those who were formerly incarcerated, and their families. The formerly incarcerated face many obstacles when reentering their communities. Our goal is to help them have a successful transition back to their neighborhoods, homes, and places of employment. This resource guide covers various topics including obtaining identification, health facilities and programs, housing assistance, financial assistance, legal services, vocational rehabilitation, government services and more. The guide was created for ex-offenders, their family and/or friends, service providers, and anyone who serves as an advocate for the formally incarcerated.
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    Unaffordable housing : cost-burdened housing estimates for South Carolina's minority population
    (South Carolina State Library, 2022-07) Fenton, Robert P.; South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs
    Minorities are more likely to reside in cost-burdened housing arrangements. One of the reasons for this is that minority households are more likely to be renters than their white peers. Renters, regardless of race/ethnicity, are significantly more likely than homeowners to reside in cost-burdened housing arrangements. Our research suggests that policies aimed at increasing minority homeownership rates could significantly diminish cost burdens experienced by the minority community in South Carolina.
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    Rural economic development programs in South Carolina : the potential & the prospects
    (South Carolina State Library, 2022) South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs; James, Daniel II
    This paper lists several economic development grant programs available in South Carolina and gives examples of successful projects.
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    Minority homeownership in South Carolina
    (South Carolina State Library, 2022-01) South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs; Hanna-Williams, Ashley
    This report provides a brief overview of South Carolina's minority homeownership figures and trends for the past decade.