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    City of Georgetown historic resources survey : final report
    (South Carolina State Library, 2002-05) Circa, Inc.; United States. National Park Service; South Carolina Department of Archives and History
    The purpose of this survey project is to compile a comprehensive inventory of historic resources in the City of Georgetown outside of the Georgetown National Register Historic District. This information will be used as a planning tool by both the City of Georgetown and the South Carolina Department of Archives and History. From this inventory recommendations will be made for properties and/or districts eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.
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    City of Darlington, South Carolina architectural survey
    (South Carolina State Library, 2002-05-21) Griffith, Clayton W.; Martin, Jennifer F.; Woodard, Sarah A.; Edwards-Pitman Environmental, Inc.; United States. National Park Service; South Carolina Department of Archives and History
    Architectural historians with Edwards-Pitman Environmental, Inc. undertook the architectural survey of the City of Darlington as part of the South Carolina Department of Archives and History’s Statewide Survey of Historic Places which forms the bedrock of the historic preservation program in the state. The primary objectives of the survey program are to gather, organize and present information about historic properties in photographs, narratives, maps and drawings, in order to identify properties eligible for the National Register of Historic Places and to identify properties eligible for potential local designation.
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    "Of sterling worth and good qualities" : status and domesticity in nineteenth-century middle class Charleston : archaeological investigations at site 38CH1871, Marlene & Nathan Addlestone Library, College of Charleston
    (South Carolina State Library, 2004-08-30) Joseph, J. W.; New South Associates; Enwright Associates
    This project provided new insights into Charleston history and culture. The study suggested that the households under consideration used material culture related to dining and tea drinking as one of several ways of demarcating their class positions and affiliations. One of the findings of this study was that stylistic devices on ceramic teawares may have served to signal class affiliations among the planters. This study also explored the meanings attached to certain artifacts in the context of southern society.
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    Late archaic settlement on the May River : data recovery at the Tree Runner Site (38BU1800), Beaufort County, South Carolina
    (South Carolina State Library, 2005-07-08) Huddleston, Connie M.; Poplin, Eric C.; Lineberry, David; Mozingo, Dea; Lynch, Alana; Reid, Dawn; O'Neal, Michael; Brockington and Associates, Inc.
    Lying in a mature mixed pine and hardwood forest, the Tree Runner Site rests near the crest of the bluff overlooking a freshwater marsh of the May River. The site was recommended as potentially eligible for the National Register due to its potential to add significantly to our understanding of SC's Pre-Contact Period.
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    Catawba River Valley grist mill survey
    (South Carolina State Library, 2000-01) Joy, Deborah; Stein, Linda France; Legacy Research Associates, Inc.; Clauser, John W.
    The Catawba River Valley Gristmill Survey project was designed to achieve several objectives. The first was to develop an historical context that could be useful in understanding the gristmill industry in the Carolina Piedmont region. The second objective was to survey eight gristmill sites. The final objective of the project was to integrate the results of background research and field reconnaissance in a professional archaeological report.