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The University of South Carolina’s McKissick Museum publishes various documents to share information about the collection and events happening at the museum.


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    The Ultimate Vacation : Watching Other People Work
    (2012-12) McKissick Museum
    Catalog for the exhibition titled, "The Ultimate Vacation: Watching Other People Work" at the McKissick Museum from September 8 to December 18, 2012. The exhibition grew out of directed groundwork done as projects for various coordinating museum studies courses by students at the University of South Carolina in previous years.
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    The Museum of Education
    (1980) McKissick Museum
    A pamphlet describing the history and content of the McKissick Museum, also known as the Museum of Education.
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    Fall Folklife Festival
    (1998) McKissick Museum
    A booklet for the fourth Fall Folklife Festival organized by the McKissick Museum to celebrate rich folk heritage that resides in South Carolina. The festival includes southern food-ways along with crafts, music and storytelling.
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    Above the Fall Line : Folk Art of the Southern Piedmont
    (1989) McKissick Museum
    This booklet was developed as a catalog to accompany the exhibition, "Above the Fall Line: Folk Art of the Southern Piedmont" that displayed at the McKissick Museum from March 15, 1987 to June 30, 1989. The booklet includes information about the geography of the Southern Piedmont, what the residents of the Southern Piedmont region are like, different examples of folk art, and a comprehensive list of objects featured in the exhibition along with each object's catalog information.
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    McKissick Memorial Library : Self-Guided Tour and General Information
    (1975) University of South Carolina
    The McKissick Memorial Library is the main collection in the university library system, housing major book, periodical, and microtext resources in all subject areas except science, education, law, music, and South Carolina. This tour is intended only to point out the major sections of the Library necessary for its use. There are also brief descriptions of some library services and policies and of other libraries on campus.