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Trident Technical College publishes a variety of documents including financial statements, public relations brochures, strategic plans, and information for future students, current students, faculty & staff, and the community.


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    Trident Technical College affirmative action plan as of October 1, 2022
    (South Carolina State Library, 2022-10-01) Trident Technical College
    Trident Technical College recognizes and is fully committed to its legal obligations to provide equal opportunity to prospective and existing employees. As an inclusive community, we are committed to Affirmative Action and to Equal Opportunity as major organizational values. The Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Plan will help us achieve our goal of equal employment opportunity for all.
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    Charleston regional youth apprenticeships
    (South Carolina State Library, 2023-02-24) Trident Technical College
    The Charleston Regional Youth Apprenticeship (CRYA) Program helps you take charge of your career while working for a respected employer. The purpose of this handbook is to outline program expectations and policies, and to inform you of your responsibilities as an apprentice.
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    TTC pandemic response plan 7-21-22
    (South Carolina State Library, 2022-07-21) Trident Technical College
    The TTC Pandemic Response Plan serves as a guide to protect the safety of students and employees. Guidance on health and safety measures to implement are updated frequently by the CDC, and state agencies such as the Governor’s Office and SCDHEC. The college implemented the guidelines and procedures in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations and guidance, and informed by industry best practices. These procedures change as the college receives new information and guidance.
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    2020-2021 strategic plan report
    (South Carolina State Library, 2022-02-21) Trident Technical College
    This strategic plan includes annual highlights, organizational profile, planning, plan measures and results, mission, vision and values.
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    Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program (DAAPP) biennial annual report 2020-2021
    (South Carolina State Library, 2022-02-18) Trident Technical College
    Trident Technical College’s biennial review of the College's Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program serves two primary purposes: (1) To determine the effectiveness of the program and to make changes as needed, and (2) To ensure that violations of student and employee standards of conduct are enforced consistently. Conduct and sanctions related to Trident Technical College's DAAPP are addressed later within this report.