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The Chicora Foundation produces reports that are one time research projects not included in a series.


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    Cemetery Disaster Planning
    (2013) Chicora Foundation
    Is your cemetery prepared for the unexpected, such as a tornado, hurricane, earthquake, or flood? Do you have a plan to minimize damage and recover afterwards? If not, this publication can help you, your staff, and your volunteers prepare for the unthinkable.
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    The Archaeology of Fish Haul Creek, Hilton Head Island, Beaufort County, South Carolina: A Preliminary Statement and Recommendations
    (1983-02) Trinkley, Michael; Zierden, Martha; Chicora Foundation
    In May 1982 a potentially significant prehistoric archaeological site was identified on the northern end of Hilton Head Island by developer John Crago and his foreman, Jerre Wekhorst. This site, situated on the north edge of the Coggin and Fish Haul Creek marsh, was uncovered during the early stages of road construction in the Fish Haul subdivision (Baygall area of Hilton Head Island). Wekhorst collected abundant pottery as the work continued in the subdivision and took a small sample to the Charleston Museum, where we examined it for the first time in early June. This collection was notable not only for the mix of pottery (both Early and Middle Woodland period sherds were present), but also for the large size of the Early Woodland sherds.
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    Review of past and current cemetery wall repairs and recommendations
    (2012-10-22) Trinkley, Michael; Chicora Foundation
    This is a brief overview of an assessment of brick repairs that had been performed and were currently being performed in the Old Cemetery and Flipper Cemetery in Thomasville, Georgia.
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    (2008-11-16) Trinkley, Michael
    This is a paper presented at a conference in Charlotte, N.C. It discusses how archaeologists use cemeteries in ther work and the importance of cemetery conservation.
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    World enough and time : ethnobotany and historical archaeology
    (2018-01-10) Zierden, Martha; Trinkley, Michael
    This paper discusses the use of ethnobotany by historic archaeologists.