Edgefield County Historical Society

Founded in 1939, the Edgefield County Historical Society is one of the oldest historical societies in South Carolina. The Mission of the Society, as set forth in its original charter, is “to Preserve the History of Edgefield County.” During its more than eight decades, the Society has done much to accomplish its mission: it has published many scholarly pamphlets, booklets and books on a vast variety of subjects related to the history of Edgefield County. It has sponsored many major events, including tours of historical homes and history conferences. It has welcomed all those interested in Edgefield, SC history and provided information and guidance to authors, scholars and others about the county and its people.

The Society sponsored, or participated in, the restoration of the Furman Monument (1975), the Welcome Mural on Main Street (1978), the restoration of the Brooks Square in Willowbrook Cemetery (1981), the erection of the Strom Thurmond Statue (1984), the establishment of the Old Edgefield Pottery (1992), the Village Blacksmith (1998), Carpenter’s Stand (2001), the acquisition and construction of the Edgefield History Park (2001), the construction and development of the Joanne T. Rainsford Discovery Center (2004), the restoration of Magnolia Dale (2009), the construction of the Dr. Arthur F. and Esther Goldberg Edgefield Pottery Groundhog Kiln (2011) and the construction of the caretaker’s cottage and the restoration of the church at Horn’s Creek Church (2014-2018). Over the years the Society has also sponsored, or assisted other organizations in sponsoring, many South Carolina Historical Markers.

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