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South Carolina First Steps publishes reports, documents, and brochures on school readiness in the state, including statistics, program evaluations, and agency vision statements.


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    READY : Resources for Early Acceleration and Development in Youth
    (South Carolina State Library, 2023-06-30) South Carolina First Steps to School Readiness (Program)
    In 2022, the General Assembly made a historic investment in South Carolina’s children, allocating $3 million in recurring funds to be awarded to local First Steps partnerships through a grant-making process. South Carolina First Steps has since awarded Resources for Early Acceleration and Development in Youth (READY) grants across 33 counties, prioritizing programs for children ages 0-3, rural communities, and counties where Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) scores are consistently below the state average. In its inaugural year, READY funds have enabled First Steps to sustain and expand evidence-based parenting programs, increase the quality of child care, and address pressing workforce and infrastructure challenges.
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    Evaluation of South Carolina First Steps to School Readiness : local partnerships from 2013-2014 to 2017-2018
    (South Carolina State Library, 2019-11-15) South Carolina First Steps to School Readiness (Program); University of South Carolina. Institute for Families in Society; Shapiro, Cheri; Gillam, Pamela S.
    The purpose of the evaluation is to assess progress toward achieving the First Steps goals and to determine the impact of the initiative on children and families at the state and local levels. This evaluation covers 5 years, from 2013-2014 to 2017-2018, and focuses on the overall impact of First Steps programs and services.
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    South Carolina pre-K to kindergarten transition plan : family engagement
    (South Carolina State Library, 2022-04-28) South Carolina Early Childhood Advisory Council; Palmetto Pre-K Transitions Workgroup
    The Palmetto Pre-K Transitions Workgroup (Transitions Workgroup) developed this plan to help professionals and parents in facilitating a smooth transition to school. The plan was developed by evaluating existing transition policies at the state and federal level, then offering a set of tactics and best practices that align with and complement goals and strategies presented in “For Our Future: South Carolina’s Birth Through Five Plan.” The plan presents a document review and findings from surveys and other data sources, work to date, and the plan itself. The appendices detail the array of resources reviewed and available to parents and child care and education professionals. The appendices also include the summary and results of a statewide Pre-K to 5K Transitions survey that solicited responses from both parents and teachers.
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    A year of Family Voice 2022 report
    (South Carolina State Library, 2022-10-18) South Carolina Early Childhood Advisory Council; South Carolina Family Voice Council
    The South Carolina Family Voice Council was born of a commitment from the public early childhood system to partner with families and listen, center, and co-create the future of programming and policies that impact families in our state. This report includes a background of the agency, parent feedback themes, how programs used feedback. recommendations and opportunities, future plans and a list of Family Voice Council members.
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    Family handbook
    (South Carolina State Library, 2022-07-25) South Carolina First Steps to School Readiness (Program)
    The goal of the South Carolina Child Early Reading Development and Education Program (4K) is to provide children and their families with the developmental and learning support necessary for school success. This handbook outlines program goals, operating policies and procedures, educational instruction and family engagement.