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The South Carolina Department of Agriculture publishes documents on farming and food production in the state, including brochures for a public audience, newsletters, and presentation notes on issues for farmers.


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    Local food purchase assistance program : minimally processed vs. heavily processed goods (USDA definition)
    (South Carolina State Library, 2024-01-10) South Carolina Department of Agriculture
    According to the USDA definition, this document defines the differences between minimally processed and heavily processed goods.
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    Hemp products in human food quick guide
    (South Carolina State Library, 2024-01-23) South Carolina Department of Agriculture
    Commercial Manufacturing of cannabis-infused food products is an emerging industry, and regulation of this industry is a new area of regulation. The guidance provided in this Quick Guide is subject to change.
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    South Carolina regional alliances
    (South Carolina State Library, 2021-01-22) South Carolina Department of Agriculture
    These maps indicate the regional agricultural alliances in South Carolina. It lists food manufacturing companies from each town and which alliance the town is in.
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    South Carolina top commodities by production based on 2017 census
    (South Carolina State Library, 2019-10-23) South Carolina Department of Agriculture
    This gives a listing of top agricultural commodities for each county in dollar value. It has an easy-to-read map indicating the top three commodities in each county.
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    South Carolina Specialty Food Association catalog
    (South Carolina State Library, 2023-11-01) South Carolina Specialty Food Association; South Carolina Department of Agriculture
    In this catalog, you will find an assortment of delicious items made by South Carolina natives - chefs, entrepreneurs, experimenters, and so many others.