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    S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce status and updates
    (South Carolina State Library, 2020-05-21) South Carolina. General Assembly. Senate. Select Committee on Reopening
    This PowerPoint presentation discusses aspects of reopening the state after the COVID-19 crisis.
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    South Carolina Senate Select Committee on Raise the Age report to the Senate
    (South Carolina State Library, 2020-09-01) South Carolina. General Assembly. Senate. Select Committee on Raise the Age
    The Senate formed the Select Committee on Raise the Age to propose statutory reforms, funding priorities, and any other changes that would help the Department implement the RTA law. This report summarizes various proposals that can accomplish that goal by codifying rehabilitation’s central place in the South Carolina Children’s Code and proposing reforms at every stage of the juvenile justice process to effectuate that purpose, thereby ensuring that DJJ only has to supervise and have custody of children when necessary.
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    Legislative briefing : S.419
    (South Carolina State Library, 2019-04-23) South Carolina General Assembly. Senate. Education Committee
    This briefing gives statistics on education in South Carolina.
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    South Carolina Senate districts
    (South Carolina State Library, 2023-05-09) South Carolina General Assembly. Senate
    This map shows the election districts for the South Carolina Senate.
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    Report on the investigation of the FY2022 annual comprehensive financial report restatement
    (South Carolina State Library, 2023-03-15) South Carolina General Assembly. Senate. Finance Committee. Constitutional Subcommittee
    The Constitutional Subcommittee of the Senate Finance Committee convened on four occasions to investigate the FY2022 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) $3.5 billion restatement. This is a report of the findings of that subcommittee.