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Denmark Technical College publishes a variety of documents including financial statements, public relations brochures, strategic plans, and information for future students, current students, faculty & staff, and the community.


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    Denmark Technical College enrollment data facts (10 years) 2007-2017
    (South Carolina State Library, 2018-02-06) Denmark Technical College (Denmark, S.C.)
    This report gives statistics on enrollment at Denmark Technical College from 2008-2018.
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    Report on CARES Act Section 18004(a)(1) Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) emergency financial aid to students
    (South Carolina State Library, 2021-03) Denmark Technical College (Denmark, S.C.)
    This details the appropriations and expenditures of Denmark Technical College's allocation from the CARES Act.
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    Return to workplace guide 2020-2021
    (South Carolina State Library, 2020-07-02) Denmark Technical College (Denmark, S.C.)
    The Denmark Technical College re-entry plan serves as a guide to protect the safety of students and employees. Guidance for when and how to return to workplaces, as well as health and safety measures to implement, are listed.
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    Safety and emergency response manual
    (South Carolina State Library, 2020-08-17) Denmark Technical College
    This safety and emergency procedures guide has been designed to provide a contingency manual for Denmark Technical College administrators to plan for campus emergencies. While the guide does not cover every conceivable situation, it does supply the basic administrative guidelines necessary to cope with most campus emergencies.
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    Denmark Technical College master plan 2020
    (South Carolina State Library, 2020-07-31) Denmark Technical College
    Denmark Technical College has renewed its commitment to expand its current College facilities. This is an update to Denmark Technical College’s Master Plan prepared by LS3P Architects in 1990 along with Coast Architect’s Revisions in 2004 and 2009. This revised Master Plan will reflect the Colleges Ten Year Plan, from 2020 to 2030. This revision will reflect a realistic growth plan for the College. This document is intended to provide a flexible framework to guide growth. Through the responsible implementation of this plan, long term growth can be planned for in an organized and conscientious manner; thus, eliminating planning which is short sited and performed under crisis conditions.