State School Book Commission Documents

The State School Book Commission published reports and regulations relating to its mission of providing textbooks for use in state public schools.


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    Annual report
    (South Carolina State Library, 1955-06-30) South Carolina State School Book Commission
    This annual report of the State School Book Commission lists the personnel of the committee. Under the Textbook Division it gives: Statement of Income and Expenses, Analysis of Change in Surplus, Balance Sheet - June 30, 1955, Statement of Receipts and Disbursements, Reconciliation with Comptroller General, Analysis of 1954-55 Textbook Accounts Receivable, Analysis of Paper Bound Book Accounts Receivable, Analysis of Textbooks in Schools and Depositories, Analysis of Warehouse Stock Account, Analysis of Reserve for Depreciation, Analysis of Central Textbook Depository Consignment Account - Textbooks, Analysis of Central Textbook Depository Accounts Payable - Paper Bound Books, Analysis of Rebinding Account, Schedule of Rental Income and Textbooks on Hand - by Counties, Schedule of Income from Rentals Since Organization. Under the Library Division it gives: Receipts and Disbursements for Library Books, Balance Sheet - June 30, 1955.
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    Rules and regulations of the State School Book Commission
    (South Carolina State Library, 1955-03-09) South Carolina State School Book Commission
    These rules and regulations replace those from 1937 and 1939. Articles in these regulations include: books, distribution, custodians and responsibilities, prices, requisitioning books, surplus books, care of books, records, library books and complaints and interpretation.