Palmetto Clean Fuels Coalition

The Palmetto Clean Fuels Coalition is an initiative of the Office of Regulatory Staff - Energy Office and is part of the Clean Cities program and is the designated coalition for South Carolina. The goal of the Clean Cities program is to promote energy use in the transportation sector that is clean, safe, less dependent upon foreign sources, and sustainable.


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    PLUG in SC Incentive Program overview
    (2023-04-10) South Carolina Energy Office; Palmetto Clean Fuels Coalition
    The PLUG in SC Incentive Program provides funding to purchase standardized EV charging station signage in South Carolina. Participants agree to install the provided “Electric Vehicle Charging Symbol” and “No Parking Except Electric Vehicles” signs in accordance with the “PLUG in Markings and Parking Signage Quick Guide” at the approved EV charging station(s).
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    PLUG in SC : pavement markings and parking signage quick guide
    (2017-11-08) Palmetto Clean Fuels Coalition
    This guide should help to implement recommendations made in the PLUGinSC plan, formed by the Palmetto Clean FuelsCoalition.
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    PLUG in SC : increasing EV adoption and visability in South Carolina
    (2022-12-12) Palmetto Clean Fuels Coalition
    Recognizing the importance of preparing South Carolina for increased EV sales and interest, Palmetto Clean Fuels conducted this study to address the following (and related) issues: An assessment of the current EV infrastructure and policy framework in South Carolina ; An analysis of trends and the outlook for the future ; Actions to prepare South Carolina for future EV development.
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    Electric vehicles for state agencies : a procurement checklist for South Carolina
    (2020-11-15) Palmetto Clean Fuels Coalition; South Carolina Energy Office
    Many state agencies are considering electric vehicles (EVs) for their fleet. Some may be interested in reducing fuel and maintenance costs, while others may be looking for cleaner and more efficient transportation opportunities. The purpose of this guidance is to help state agencies navigate the state agency fleet vehicle procurement process.
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    Are electric vehicles right for your organization? : an overview of EV basic and benefits
    (2020-11-15) Palmetto Clean Fuels Coalition
    This paper explains the benefits of using electric vehicles.