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The Education Oversight Committee publishes a variety of documents and reports on assessment and improvement programs related to the state educational system.


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    EIA and EAA budget and proviso requests for FY 2024-25
    (South Carolina State Library, 2023-12-11) South Carolina Education Oversight Committee
    Section 59-6-10 of the Education Accountability Act requires the Education Oversight Committee (EOC) to “review and monitor the implementation and evaluation of the Education Accountability Act and the Education Improvement Act programs and funding” and to “make programmatic and funding recommendations to the General Assembly.” To meet this statutory requirement, the EOC required each EIA-funded program or entity to submit a program and budget report detailing the objectives and outcomes of each program.
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    South Carolina assessment evaluation report #2
    (South Carolina State Library, 2018-02-23) South Carolina Education Oversight Committee; Sinclair, Andrea L.; Thacker, Arthur; Human Resources Research Organization
    The South Carolina Education Oversight Committee contracted with the Human Resources Research Organization to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of its state assessments. This is the second, and most extensive, of three reports detailing the findings from the evaluation. This report serves as the final analysis of the South Carolina College- and Career-Ready assessments and the End-of-Course Examination Program assessments for Biology 1 and Algebra 1.
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    South Carolina digital learning plan report for the state's K-12 public education system
    (South Carolina State Library, 2018-12-31) South Carolina Education Oversight Committee; Albert, Jennifer
    In the state of South Carolina, several districts are employing promising initiatives in the area of digital learning. This report addresses issues of infrastructure, human capacity, content and instruction, security, policy and funding, local digital learning initiatives, and the use of alternative methods of instructions for scheduled make-up days. This report is a continuing effort to document the incredible growth in digital learning in the state of South Carolina over the past several years and help determine where gaps may still exist.
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    eLearning Pilot : year 3
    (South Carolina State Library, 2020-04-29) South Carolina Education Oversight Committee
    The SC Education Oversight Committee has managed the Pilot Program over two school years at the direction of the SC General Assembly (by budget proviso). Fifteen school districts in the state have participated in the program, allowing them to use online learning for school make-up days.
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    Remote learning report brief
    (South Carolina State Library, 2021-01-11) South Carolina Education Oversight Committee
    Recognizing the "unprecedented upheaval to the education of students in every corner of the state" and the need for a data driven approach to the state’s response to COVID-19, the EOC staff has undertaken a thorough review of the opportunities for innovation, lessons learned for future planning, and barriers to the success during emergency remote learning.