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    Status of tree ordinances in South Carolina
    (South Carolina State Library, 2003-10) London, Donna; Duffy, Eileen.; Strom Thurmond Institute; South Carolina State Commission of Forestry.
    In order to support citizens’ efforts to move closer to healthy, stable, and tree-canopied surroundings, it is helpful to know which communities have ordinances and what they are regulating. A number of local governments have faced issues related to drafting and implementing tree ordinances. They know what works well and what doesn’t for their communities, and fortunately, they have been willing to share the information. This study was intended to collect this information in order to enhance awareness of current policy initiatives.
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    State pension funds : assets and obligations
    (South Carolina State Library, 1997-10-23) Lewis, Bryan E.; Strom Thurmond Institute
    This paper examines the fiscal sustainability of the South Carolina Retirement Systems through fiscal year 2009-10. The trust funds of the South Carolina Retirement Systems are separate from the state general fund, the focus of the fiscal sustainability project. However, if the system is unable to meet its obligations and the state is called upon to make up the deficiency and fulfill its commitments to retirees, that demand will fall on the general fund
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    State expenditures : projections to 2010
    (South Carolina State Library, 1997-10-23) Strom Thurmond Institute; Hite, James C.
    What is offered here are not expenditure forecasts, which require forecasts of political decisions that no one can make with reliability. Rather, expenditure projections are offered given certain basic and plausible assumptions. The expenditure projections presented are based upon the 1997-98 appropriations bill. In summary, state expenditures are projected to grow at an average annual rate of 4.5 percent overall with faster-than-average growth anticipated in certain large segments of the budget like corrections and Medicaid/social services. It is believed that these figures provide a suitable foundation for planning purposes.
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    A GIS-based analysis and prediction of parcel land-use change in a coastal tourism destination area
    (South Carolina State Library, 1999-10-13) Allen, Jeffery S.; Lu, Kang Shou; Potts, Thomas D,; Strom Thurmond Institute; World Congress on Coastal and Marine Tourism
    As an integrated part of the NASA/SC-EPSCoR Wetland Research Project involving three institutions in South Carolina, this study focuses on the land-use change and its impacts. The overall purpose is to better understand the process of coastal land-use change and its consequences in order to minimize negative impacts and to sustain coastal resources and development around nearby wetlands. For the Murrells Inlet component of the project, four immediate objectives were: Seek an alternative approach that emphasizes human aspects of issues related to land-use change; Develop a parcel based GIS model for assessing land-use change in the past; Apply this model to observe and map tenure change, residential change and commercial change for the Murrells Inlet area; and Build and apply a logistic regression model to predict the possibilities of future land-use change for the area.
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    Land use conflicts on the urban fringe : causes and potential resolution
    (South Carolina State Library, 1998) Hite, Jim; Strom Thurmond Institute
    The outline of the paper is as follows: We begin with a brief section defining the main terms. We will then examine globalization in history, its causes and its consequences for urban land uses. We will then turn to an examination of what the major players in the conflicts at the urban fringe might want, and consider the set of deals that might resolve those conflicts.