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The South Carolina State Planning Board published a variety of documents on planning and development topics in the state, including progress reports.


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    Summary of records of surface water supply of South Carolina, 1884-1946
    (South Carolina State Library, 1948) South Carolina Research, Planning, and Development Board
    The purpose of this report is to bring together in one volume the records of monthly and yearly discharge for all gaging stations in South Carolina at which records of flow have been collected up to September 30, 1946. Included in the summary are stations located in Georgia on streams forming the boundary line between the two states. There are about 8,260 months of record in all, equivalent to about 688 years.
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    Progress report on ground-water investigations in South Carolina
    (South Carolina State Library, 1946) Siple, George E.; South Carolina Research, Planning, and Development Board
    The objectives of this investigation were: To· obtain as much information as possible on the occurrence, quantity, and quality of the water in the geologic formations underlying the State; primarily from the standpoint of municipal supplies and secondarily from that of industrial supplies; to determine, insofar as possible, methods . of choosing favorable locations for drilling wells, and to determine areas where supplies sufficiently large for industrial use might be obtained; to ascertain the general ground-water conditions and problems throughout the State.
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    Geology and preliminary ore dressing studies of the Carolina barite belt
    (South Carolina State Library, 1949) Van Horn, Earl C.; LeGrand, J. R.; McMurray, L. L. (Lynn L.), 1912-; South Carolina Research, Planning, and Development Board
    This laboratory report is an appraisal of the ore dressing aspects of barite ores occurring in the Carolina Barite Belt of North and South Carolina. It was prepared as a supplement to the field investigation, and as an aid in the evaluation of the deposits.
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    Progress report on state planning in South Carolina
    (South Carolina State Library, 1938-04-01) South Carolina State Planning Board; Emerson, L. A.; Valentine, W. J.