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    • Recommended components for single-gender programs 

      South Carolina State Department of Education (South Carolina State Library, 2009-04)
      The recommended components for single-gender education programs include program structure, professional development, school and district support, parent support, classroom community, instructional practices for boys and ...
    • South Carolina surveys of single-gender programs 

      South Carolina Department of Education Office of Public School Choice (South Carolina State Library, 2009-08)
      The South Carolina Department of Education, Single-Gender Initiatives posts surveys each year, starting in 2008, to gauge the reaction of stakeholders involved with single-gender education. The survey’s purpose is to be ...
    • South Carolina surveys on single-gender education 

      South Carolina Department of Education. Office of Public School Choice (South Carolina State Library, 2008-07)
      The purpose of the survey was to be a tool for schools to learn more about student, parent, and teacher perception of their single-gender program as well as the overall perception of single-gender education in the state. ...