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    • APCSP Education Plan (July 2023 – June 2028) 

      Clemson University, Cooperative Extension Service (South Carolina State Library, 2023-06-06)
      This five-year education plan is to educate those in Anderson and Pickens counties concerning sewers, septic tanks, bacteria (fat, oil, and grease), litter in public and private areas, and sediment control in construction, ...
    • Regulation 72-101 through 72-108 erosion and sediment reduction and stormwater management 

      South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (2021-08-17)
      These regulations set forth requirements for erosion and sediment control and stormwater management measures to be used on state land to prevent damage to land, water and property from erosion, sediment and stormwater.
    • Regulation 72-300 through 72-316 standards for stormwater management and sediment reduction 

      South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (2021-08-17)
      This regulation addresses the issue of stormwater runoff as a potential source of water pollution and flooding in the State. It emphasizes the need for a statewide stormwater management and sediment control program to ...
    • Watershed plan for sediment in the South Saluda River 

      Save Our Saluda (South Carolina State Library, 2020-07-24)
      The purpose of a watershed-based plan (WBP) is to identify and assess specific causes and sources of water quality impairments in a given watershed and develop a strategy to address impairments. The ultimate goal of this ...