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    • baby's 1st 

      South Carolina WIC Program (South Carolina State Library, 2018-03)
      This brochure, printed in English and Spanish, explains how you can keep your baby's mouth healthy by wiping your baby's gums, cleaning your baby's teeth, never putting your baby to sleep with a bottle or sippy cup, not ...
    • Fussy baby 

      South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (South Carolina State Library, 2016-02)
      Your baby will “talk” to you in many ways. You will soon learn what his looks and movements mean. For example, when your baby opens his mouth, he may be saying “I’m hungry.” Crying is also a way your baby can talk to ...
    • Your baby is always listening. Are you talking? 

      South Carolina WIC Program (South Carolina State Library, 2018-04)
      Little brains need lots of loving words to grow and thrive. Just like a baby needs good food to grow a healthy body, they also need good words to grow a healthy brain. All you have to do is talk, interact, and engage ...