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    • A preliminary report on the clays of South Carolina 

      Sloan, Earle,1858-1926; South Carolina Geological Survey (South Carolina State Library, 1904)
      This book discusses clays of South Carolina including the general characteristics of clays, general geological conditions, classes of clay deposits, varieties of clay, mining of clays, geological occurrence and areal ...
    • Common clays of the coastal plain of South Carolina, and their use in structural clay products 

      Robinson, Gilbert C.; Buie, Bennett Frank, 1910-1992; Johnson, Henry S., 1926-; South Carolina State Development Board, Division of Geology (South Carolina State Library, 1961)
      Resources of common clay suitable for use in structural clay products are abundant in the Coastal Plain of South Carolina. The clay deposits sampled in this study are a small fraction of the deposits that exist in the ...