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The University of South Carolina published bulletins on both school and community topics, from commencement announcements to community assessments.

Recent Submissions

  • A statistical study of South Carolina schools for the scholastic year, 1922-23 

    Bethea, Power Wordsworth; University of South Carolina Extension Division (South Carolina State Library, 1924-06-01)
    This bulletin is published for the purpose of better acquainting teachers, school administrators, trustees, and the general public with school conditions in South Carolina.
  • The English Bible 

    Melton, William (South Carolina State Library, 1925-11-15)
    This is the text of an address delivered by William D. Melton to the Abbeville Bible Society on the subject of the genesis of the English Bible.
  • Some suggestions for moral betterment 

    Wardlaw, Patterson (South Carolina State Library, 1925-12-15)
    The University presents this bulletin for the benefit of the citizens of South Carolina, arguing that suggestions for moral betterment are always timely. The bulletin is intended to help citizens improve their social and ...
  • Report of the University of South Carolina 

    Baker, Leonard (South Carolina State Library, 1932-01-01)
    The bulletin presents a report of the work of the University of South Carolina for the session of 1930-1931 and also a financial statement by the Treasurer of receipts and expenditures from January 1, 1931, to December 31, 1931.
  • South Carolina botanists: biography and bibliography 

    Gee, Wilson (South Carolina State Library, 1918-09)
    The monograph is a systematic arrangement of the biographies and bibliographies of botanists in South Carolina who have contributed to the state’s reputation in botany.
  • The case for cotton: a paper read before the Kosmos Club and published by request 

    McCutchen, George (South Carolina State Library, 1915-10)
    The bulletin argues against diversification of lower yielding crops for cotton. The argument is primary economic.
  • Bureau of public discussion: extension division 

    Norman, Clifton (South Carolina State Library, 1924-09-15)
    This is a list of package library subjects available to teachers, students, and social and civil workers in South Carolina. It also includes subjects for the South Carolina High School Debating League and a list of plays ...
  • Country school movements and ideals in South Carolina 

    Tate, William (South Carolina State Library, 1914-01)
    The bulletin is a report of the State Supervisor of Elementary Rural Schools. It includes field work, rural school progress, and recommendations.
  • School of Commerce announcement, 1926-27 

    University of South Carolina (South Carolina State Library, 1926-05-15)
    The booklet provides the curriculum for the School of Commerce and details the courses offered. A roster of students is included.
  • College education for men of business: a familiar essay 

    Broadus, John (South Carolina State Library, 1913-01)
    The author argues that a college education is necessary for young men who are planning a career in business. He places emphasis on higher education and addresses objections to college attendance.

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