The South Carolina State Library Digital Collections is a set of online projects that expand the State Library's mission to provide equal access to information for all South Carolinians. These online collections create greater access to the State Library's unique historical resources and new digital projects.

Within the Digital Collections are several distinct projects. The State Library is collaborating with public libraries across the state to increase access to local holdings. The South Carolina State Documents Depository is an online library of both current and historical state documents. The South Carolina Tombstone Project is a collaboration between the State Library and partner public libraries in the state to provide images and transcriptions of tombstones in local cemeteries.

The State Library also partners with the South Carolina Digital Library to provide access to historical photographs of library service throughout the state, including bookmobiles, WPA library project, and children’s library service.

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Public Library Collaborations
South Carolina Book Collection
South Carolina Federal Documents
South Carolina State Documents Depository
South Carolina Tombstone Project
  • A decade of school progress 1914-1924 

    Bethea, Power W. (South Carolina State Library, 1925-09-15)
    This document contains Power W. Bethea’s discussion on South Carolina public schools progress of South Carolina, during the decennium of 1914-1924. It includes purpose of the study, method of study, and information sources. ...
  • Library 

    Green, Edwin L.; Snowden, Yates (South Carolina State Library, 1906-10)
    This document contains a correspondence of Edwin L. Green and Yates Snowden, which discussed the library of the University of South Carolina. It includes various librarians in the eighteen century, their photographs, and ...
  • The Merrimac and the Monitor 

    Sloan, Benjamin, 1836-1923 (South Carolina State Library, 1926-10-15)
    This document contains a correspondence of Major Benjamin Sloan, who believed “the Merrimac and the Monitor” should be interesting to the public.
  • Decrease of birds in South Carolina 

    Williams, Belle (South Carolina State Library, 1916-08)
    This document discusses reasons for decreasing bird populations in South Carolina. The author, Belle Williams, who was Secretary of South Carolina Audubon Society, Chairman of the Bird Protection Sub-Committee, and Department ...
  • Robert Mills architect 

    Wilson, Charles C. (South Carolina State Library, 1919-02)
    This document reports the activities and accomplishments of a notable architect, Robert Mills. It mentions various famous works of Robert Mills including the United States Patent Office, United States Treasury, original ...

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